Samsung Boost Function S Pen in Galaxy Note 9

Ahead of the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, rumors are circulating that premium mobile phone related is getting crowded. This time the Galaxy Note 9 will improve the function of Bluetooth in the stylus Pen anyarnya S.

Offered from TechRadar, S Pen will be the most prominent feature in the newer products. The reason, according to the latest features of IceUniverse leakage, S new Pen will receive upgraded Bluetooth.

This innovation will allow S Pen did more than just write in the Galaxy screen Note 9. In addition to renewing S Pen, this new phone is rumored to pin the battery with the power of 4000 mAh with powerful specification.

However, the Galaxy fans still had to wait for the official launch of this device on August 9.

Samsung has released the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. In the invitation are uploaded to YouTube official page Samsung, South Korea companies showing the shape of the stylus that looks sleeker with a metallic yellow color.

The color will be an indication of the new color range in the presence of the product later.

The title of this 2018 will be Unpacked on 9 August 2018. Offered from The Verge, Galaxy Note 9 is rumored to be getting an increase of Note 8 such as increased Galaxy S8 into Galaxy S9.

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