Research: iPhone So the symbol of Wealth

It's been no secret if Apple often market their new phones with exorbitant prices. iPhone X that appeared last year marketed US $1,000, much higher beyond mobile flagship hosts other competitors.

The latest research conducted by the University of Chicago and the U.S. Bureau of economic research uncovering the most people in the US buying Apple products like the iPhone and iPad in order to be considered as rich people. Though not all iPhone users come from the people.

"Throughout the year in our data, there is no company that predicts users from high-income groups such as have the iPhone or a certain brand, " write the researchers.

Mariane Bertrand and Emir Kamenica, the researchers behind this research using data from Mediamark Research Intelligense 6,394 samples with those of the US. The research was conducted using a questionnaire and interview with information gathering jawani face-to-face.

About 69 percent of iPhone owners in this research identified high income.

These studies also reveal the iPhone related closely to the views of the person against the person's economic level. Though not specifically mentioned the iPhone type which could be categorized as a marker of wealth.

Newzoo Research Institute noted the majority of iPhone users thus dominated the old type. Call it an iPhone user 6s of 81 percent, iPhone 7 of 19 percent, even still there are users of the iPhone 4.

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