iPhone 8 Bestseller in the world

Counterpoint research shows that iPhone sales got 8 better than iPhone iPhone Sales 8 x. even beyond the latest flagship Samsung, Galaxy S9 Plus and S9.

In a row of five brands of mobile phones with the highest sales in the world is an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy 8 S9 Plus X, Apple iPhone, Xiaomi Redmi 5A, Apple iPhone 8 Plus. This research excluded period May 2018.

"Apple gets the top spot being the best-selling smartphones globally with iPhone 8, " the Technology Research Institute wrote in her blog.

Research issued Counterpoint is a type of mobile phone based sales results, not based on the sale of one brand of mobile phones overall. As is known, Apple had few types of mobile phone lines than other mobile phone manufacturers.

Last year, U.S. companies were only released three types of cell phone only. While other vendors could release more than five types of mobile phones of the year.

A strong promotion to feature the camera admits World Cup rated Counterpoint managed to boost sales of such phones in the market of Europe and other countries. In the meantime iPhone sales remained stable at 8 channels of distribution buyers postpaid in United States.

Along with the increase in iPhone sales in the European market, sales of the Samsung experience a weakening in Europe. However, sales remained stable in the United States.

Meanwhile Xiaomi got momentum in China and India. Best sales record for Xiaomi cell Xiaomi Xiaomi 5A and 5 Plus.

The company mentioned Counterpoint has a good market penetration for the mobile market until the middle class premium dio China. Expected also Xiaomi 8 that will soon be launched will break down the next record sales in the coming months.

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