Google Releases App Measurement-based AR, to fight against apple

Google launched an innovation in the field of teknolgi of Augmented Reality (AR). This time, the company belongs to the Alphabet that introduce measurement application named ' Measure '.

Applications ' Measure ' of spatial ability using a Google-hosted ARCore to read the size of objects in the real world.

Offered from Venturebeat, users only need to be aiming his camera phone in the direction of objects that want to be measured, then ' Measure ' would measure the length from one point to another.

However, there is one important thing to note and listed on the description of this application.

"The results of the measurements carried out by this application is approximate, " wrote a description of the application.

This application can be downloaded free of charge in the entire mobile phones with the Android operating system that supports Google's platform of ARCore.

Reportedly, Apple will also launch similar applications in conjunction with the release of iOS 12. However, this time the Apple was defeated quickly by Google.

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