Apple ' Throwing ' Intel iPhone 5 g Technology from a player

Apple ' throw ' Intel from the ranks of players for the iPhone 5 g technology in the future.

Offered from Digitaltrends, players such as Intel and Qualcomm will participated in the battle of business communication 5 g chips in the future. However, from all the big names, the name Apple cannot be overlooked for player consumer devices.

Apple is reported to have notified Intel that he will not use the modem for an iPhone model 2020. The news was first reported by Calcalist.

The fact that Apple has notified Intel will not use cipnya rated will have broad implications for Intel. As a result of that decision, Intel reported stopping development on the internal modem is known as ' Sunny Peak '.

In addition, the team that worked on the modem are diverted to other Intel business. The report noted that Intel expects Apple to become the main customers for this new modem.

But, not all the hopes all but extinct for Intel. The company reportedly will focus on improving the product to win the heart of the Apple iPhone ranks and return to 2022.

News Apple is not going to be using Intel chips is not surprising. The reason, in June, Bloomberg reports Apple away from Intel's chips.

In 2020, Intel diproyeksi modem business is better than ever. Apple has also tried to reduce his dependency on Qualcomm's chips, and because it has switched to use Intel components in the iPhone.

It's probably because of ongoing legal issues between the two companies, which are expected to last for some time. Be interesting to look at what Apple will do in 2020.

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