Apple Stop Production iPhone X and SE

Apple seems to be more focused on the new phone. Hence the production of iPhone X and SE began stopped.

It is stated in a report analysts BlueFin Research. Tiga also mentioned the strategies stop production iPhone X and SE as efforts so that Apple can meet market demand so that the target they set can be achieved.

Talk to the target itself, Apple reportedly put up the numbers 91 million units of latest iPhone can be sold until the end of this year. And in the year 2019, the origin of the technology giant Cupertino, United States it hopes to sell 92 million units of the latest iPhone.

Bluefin alone predict Apple can sell 28 million new phone three units in Q3 and increases in Q4 be 63 million units due to the holiday season. 2019 in Q1, Apple can sell an estimated 45 million units and a slight decline in Q2 with sales of 40 million units.

Is there any new phone, according to the three BlueFin will be named iPhone 9 that use LCD screens. While wearing the OLED would named iPhone iPhone 11 and 11 Plus. More BlueFin predicts iPhone 11 Plus a future bestseller followed by 9, as reported by the iPhone from GSM Arena, Wednesday (11/7/2018)

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